We help institutions of higher education manage the business of learning. By automating their administrative processes and centralizing their knowledge resources, academic organizations improve their communication with students and faculty. The rapidly changing economic, business and market conditions of today demand agility, flexibility and innovation from your IT. Many leading universities face this need today. With every passing year, the universities are becoming complex and larger; the student population is ever increasing. The expectation is to adapt quickly, adopt the best practices and run the universities efficiently and serve the stakeholders ultimately.

The solution addresses the following key business problems:

  • Understand recruiting trends and the success of your programs to attract students to your institution
  • Clarify enrolment trends and the effectiveness of your course and degree program offerings
  • Gain visibility into the financial transactions with your students to better understand the source and application of tuition funds.
  • Analyze historical and current data, drill down from summary analyses to detailed reports, and perform trending via time-series analysis
  • Implement closed-loop communication of critical information to your institutional operations
  • Automate, manage and track all student financials and financial aid processes

Key Benefits :

  • Increase student recruiting and retention rates
  • Shorten time to graduation
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful courses and programs
  • Analyze faculty workloads
  • Monitor tuition awards and payments