IryTech offers Optimization and Acceleration Services for enterprises looking for operational efficiencies in their Technology Solutions.

Business Challenges:
Investments made in Technology solutions need to be revisited time and again to analysis the TCO of these solutions.
Calculation of TCO has many aspects and it does not necessarily mean only the initial investments done to buy the solution or the recurring costs to maintain the software. There are many aspects which organizations overlook and they gradually become a big portion of TCO such as -

    • Operational efficiency of users to complete a business transaction
    • Overheads to maintain a legacy system
    • Ever growing business data and cost to store business data
    • Distributed access of business relevant information
    • Efficient access to information maintained in other applications

Enterprises can lower the TCO by increasing the operational efficiency and decreasing the investments made in maintaining the redundant or not required information in the system.

Solutions and Offerings:

IryTech offers customized system optimization methodologies which will provide visibility of the processes that can be optimized or accelerated to achieve operational efficiency. We help businesses migrate their legacy systems on newer and nice technology platforms.

The outcome of above analysis could result in following -

Due to the unique requirements of different industries and business processes the front end sometimes does not fit as it is. FEO, realigns the front end design to your unique requirements.
Data manipulations require data extractions from the database and data updates to database. There are several factors which can increase the time taken to do the data manipulations. BEO, identifies the root cause for the excess time require for data manipulations and addresses them with optimizing.
Process acceleration & optimization are advised to bundle a bunch of processes and compile them as a workbench. It requires overhauling of the front end to minimize navigation, minimize user inputs.